Chromosomic Memory

 The Face of My Remembrance

Sack’s art is not one of mystification but clarification, so it is important to know what we are looking at.
That is not always evident because many pictures are taken in extreme close up.
It is also important to know their circumstances, which are rich in suggestion.
For Sack the philosopher, there is no such thing as an esthetic object to response, per se.
The photograph is an outcome of the process of symbolic understanding remembering and recognition.
The alchemical ingredient, the transforming revealing agent, like acid on the engraver’s plate, is time.
          .                                                                                                                         Lyle Rexer

  Altered by Time

The first coin images were made in 1983 as part of a series from The Chromosomic Memory entitled Faces.
In these works corrosion has partly destroyed the portrait on the coin and it now appears as an eery mask emerging from an erupting volcanic surface.

The series also includes a set of deteriorated photographic portraits taken from gravestones.
Altered by time and the elements the photograph can no longer serve as a visual record of the deceased and has become a phantom portrait.
The latter, destroyed like the interred corpse, might be read as a metaphor for our own mortality but they are also creatures reborn under the lens of the camera.
The coins too have been subject to this metaphysical transmutation: struck as monetary objects, their worn surfaces are revealed in a new and fantastic guise. 

                                                                                                               .                                                                                                   Brendon Moore