Night Creatures


Central to Stephen Sack’s practice are the concepts of time, traces and memory.
In his experimental photographic work Sack endeavors to find a meeting place between the material and the spiritual.
This is emphasized by his constantly evolving technique where a strong duality is at play between the constructed and the accidental.

The Night Creatures series are cultivated in what Sack has come to describe as an « alchemistic herbarium »,
The selected flowers are immersed in various liquids such as oils, alcohols and acids before being placed
between two sheets of paper and hot pressed until the flower is more or less consumed.
An imprint remains on the paper from an alchemy that occurs between the various solutions and the flower’s own pigment.

The Night Creatures are evocative of another era and were partially inspired by the artist’s fascination with the popular science of the nineteenth century,
a time where poetry and philosophy impregnated scientific thought and where incredible liberties where taken between the actually observed and fantasy.

Floating in a velvet black background, Sack’s graceful forms recall deep-sea creatures.
They conjure a sense of vintage mythical wonder as even in the twenty first century these organisms remain so unknown,
they are the stuff of science fiction. Sack resists traditional methods, aiming to capture something unseen,
and in doing so reminds us that our preconceived notions of life and the forms it takes are limited.

.                                                                                                                                               Kate Bryan, The Fine Art Society London