Time Machine – text

Time Machines

 The concept of time is central to all my works. Past, present and future are one and belong to becoming. One can only marvel at mankind’s progress in its measurement. The ancients used shadows.  Progress evolved from the necessity to understand the seasons for planting crops. Great monuments were erected and elaborate machines invented to chart the movements of the sun, planets and stars and measure time. The ancient clock mechanisms provided the object to symbolize time’s complex diversity. I chose to photograph them as an architect would recreate monumental scales and  I rendered them with a glowing inner light. The idea that Time is money reflects the tyranny of man’s desire to allocate and economize the efficiency of production. Ultimately the cosmos is redefined in Einstein’s concept of Spacetime as a fourth dimension. Is Time a human invention? Is Time Money? Numismatist  Joe Cribb proposes that – Money is time. The Time Machines come full circle to my many coin series.