The Essential Stephen Sack in 5 Minutes
1982-2014 read more
natural paintings Natural Paintings
Photographs of « thin sections », slices of fossils.
pigment prints 58 x 95 cm  read more
2010 – 2011
Images of a trace of a crucifix left on a blue velvet.
format 105 cm x 66 or larger
canvas or pigment prints in diasec   read more
Flora Magica
2007 – 2009
Photographs from my alchemist herbarium.
pigment prints 100 x 80 cm.   read more
Night Creatures
2009 – 2010
Images from the Flora Magica series used
as “ paper negatives “.
Flowers seen as deep underwater creatures.
pigment prints – 100 x 80 cm.  read more
2005 – 2007
Macro photography of ancient magic lantern slides.
format 64 x 75 c-prints mounted in diasec  read more
Metal Mirror
Macro photography of ancient coins that have been buried between 10 to 20 centuries.
1977 – 1999 -2012 – continual project  read more
Time Machines
Ancient clocks photographed as an architect would reproduce his model to scale.
140 x 100 cm   read more
1993 – 95
Images of gargoyles from gothic cathedrals photographed from afar.
The negative is then re-photographed through a microscope with the goal
of capturing them alive in their world.
format: 140 x 100 cm  read more
1995 – 1997
Reproductions of old stereographs perceived as panoramic dream states.  read more
Natural History – Ethnic Portraits
1993 – 1994
Photographs of the « phantoms » on the backs of engravings from Buffon’s Natural history –
The grease of the inks have left a trace on the backside.
Buffon was the first to include human races in his Natural history.  read more
Natural History – Birds and Plants
1992 – 1993
Photographs in color of the “phantoms” on the backs of engravings
from Buffon’s Natural history. These engravings were found rotting away
in Buffon’s chateau in Monbard, France and photographed before restoration.  read more
Natural History – Animals
1990 – 1992
Photographs of the “phantoms”
on the backs of engravings from Buffon’s Natural history –
taken from the more than 400 different editions of his Natural history.  read more
photography of burnt matches seen as totem poles
human size or 3,50 meter high  read more
1986 -1988
Macrophotography of bird droppings in mud  read more
Cryptic Messages
1985 – 1987
Photographs of illegible inscriptions
on gravestones transformed by time
and destined for elimination.  read more
Chromosomic Memory
1983 – 1985
Macro photography of portraits on
gravestones and coins transformed
through the elements of time and deterioration.  read more
L’oeil pluriel
shadows deformed through over-exposure and lack of focus in camera  read more
Bach Springs
photographs of my box springs seen as visual music  read more
Photo plates
Ancient coins from the Metal Mirror series.
Limited edition of 6 porcelain plates from Villeroy & Bosch
Edition of 72 – 32 cm in diameter
Photographs of plaster moulds.
c-prints 60 x 80 cm  read more
photographs of prehistoric engraved slates from
the collection of the National Museum of Archaeology, Lisbon, Portugal
canvas 150 x 60 cm  read more
Ianchelivichi seen by Stephen Sack
These photographs testify of the grandeur of what is left of Ianchelevichi’s early plasters.
Most of them have been destroyed; they belong to the early expressionist period of this Rumanian artist.
The museum gave me carte blanche to bring these lost and unknown sculptures back to life.
From the archives of the Ianchelevichi Museum, La Louvière, Belgium  read more